Aangan – Full OST | HUM TV Drama Reaction

Today, I am writing on ANGAN drama OST Reaction.
Recently, drama serial started from HUM Tv channel.  Let’s just see what this drama is about, If I am
not mistaken it has a comedy in a very serious side as well and there are two
couples in this drama. Before talking on OST, let’s watch full OST song with

This drama is about the time before separation in subcontinent
and the war showed in teaser. I absolutely enjoyed this drama, it was different
from what I was expecting. If you haven’t seen that please be sure to check that
out but for the OST this was very beautiful OST. I enjoyed myself had a
lot   of fun reacting to it this drama.
It goes from zero  to 100 really quick
you can see the romance  and stuff is
developing between two couples in the shower and you can see that while it’s
developing there seems to be like a lot of other issues as well there was this one
scene where one of the father figures was in jail that looks very interesting
as well. I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a lot of drama revolving around going
to jail, the war it seems like the war was a big part of this drama as well
because you can see that there’s the British   flag
there, I think it was in the jail; there’s the British flag there. I am pretty
sure this is during the time of the separation between Pakistan and India.

Hari Hari OS
Hari Hari OST, Hum TV

I am pretty sure, it’s about that time but aside from
like the plot and stuff like that this drama looks very interesting. I like the
couples they look very good, looks very interesting. I think the female lead is
very interesting in her character and stuff she seems to be very positive like very
cheery. She isn’t like other female drummers that we’ve seen in the past before,
where some of them are shy and stuff she seems to be very straightforward and
gets straight to the point. I think that’s very interesting they way her
character is you know designed and done and written I like it from other
characters. we’ve seen in the past before regarding the OST beautiful. I didn’t
understand it entirely but then again, I am still learning although every day.
it’s developing sounds very beautiful very melancholy peaceful. It suits the
strong very well I think because it just seems like such a bad situation where
everything’s like this seems to be issues with the family that seems to be issues
with couple there seems to be issues outside whether it be in society. I think
the way everything is done just sounds very beautiful.

Aangan Drama Picture, Hum Tv
Aangan Drama Picture, Hum Tv 

OST “Hari Hari” sung
by Farhan Saeed and   Naveed Nashad and I
have hats off to them they sounded wonderful enjoyed their vocals. It suited
the storm very well and it sounded great. 
The drama looks very promising and I am expecting positive response from