Cheekh Drama Bilal Abbas Khan and Saba Qamar on ARY Digital Promo and Storyline

Drama: Cheekh Drama Promo
Director: Badar’s Mehmood

Productor: Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi
Big Bang Productions

Drama: Cheekh Drama Promo

Cheekh Drana Stroyline: 

The drama Cheekh is based on a domestic set-up — “it’s the story of a susraal, two sisters-in-law, their husbands and their younger brother, who is the evilest of them all.”

“An incident takes place and the drama cheekh shows how the family copes with it… Cheekh is based on social issues that surround us and how to speak up against [damaging] social norms.”

Cheekh is being produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr Ali Kazmi under the banner Big Bang Productions and will be directed by Badar Mehmood. It will air on ARY Digital.