Geo is launching new Drama with New issue which girl faced when she married to sadistic, abusive men

Geo TV New Drama Serial 

Several artists ruled Pakistani cinema for many years. If we go back to the 1990s, the content of Dramas that aired on television screens was much more appreciable and complete than it is now. And what could be the reason for it I think that we are running out of scriptwriters and sensible directors who do not know what would be the appropriate or reflective history of society or at least an awareness campaign. However, we are not exactly empty-handed because you would still see a few dramas of good content.
Now in Pakistan, They are promoting the real issue of society like Recently ARY Digial launch a Beti drama which is also showing some issue, Meri guriya, Zun mureed, Cheekh and Haiwaan Drama etc. Geo is also launching a new drama which is about a women who are married to sadistic and abusive men and continue to take their emotional and psychological pain. Such is the story of Aashi, the female protagonist of Geo TV new product.
Due to her financial instability, Aashi is asked to marry a complete stranger, which, unfortunately, many girls are expected to do submissively in our society. The stranger turns out to be the kind of person that a beautiful girl like Aashi should never have known, let alone marry.
Her husband Rehan is so obsessed with inflicting pain that he can not stop his uncontrollable animal behavior. Aashi finds herself unable to divorce her husband, since society has taught her that taking the initiative to divorce is somehow an unforgivable sin for a woman.
The emotion-packed product, releasing soon on Geo TV is bound to help the audience and society see broken marriages from a clearer perspective!