More Ready Than Ever Lyrics – Yo Gotti | New Song 2020

More Ready Than Ever Lyrics – Yo Gotti: Presenting the lyrics of the song “More Ready Than Ever” from the Album Untrapped sung by Yo Gotti.

More Ready Than Ever Lyrics - Yo Gotti
More Ready Than Ever Lyrics – Yo Gotti

More Ready Than Ever Song Details
Song: More Ready Than Ever Lyrics
Singer: Yo Gotti
Album: Untrapped

More Ready Than Ever Lyrics:

Hey, I be talkin’ to myself like in the mirror and shit, like
Is you ready for this shit?
Nigga, are you? What’s up?

I wasn’t ready for that hundred mil’, but now I am
Almost been ready for war, but then the gun jammed
I guess God wasn’t ready for him, now you blessed, nigga
He wasn’t ready for you, homie
I was born ready (Day one), since a child, I was groomed
I’m just me and I ain’t got no respect for a goon (Why not?)
‘Cause real killers kill ’bout who they love, nigga
You got bricks and I need four and a split, you my plug, nigga (I respect that)
How many you niggas really know Mexicans? (None of you)
But shoot your Draco in the crowd, kill a pedestrian
Now look at you, you niggas ain’t really killers (Killers)
Catchin’ bodies, type to get you, you cryin’, all in your feelings (Damn)
You was there but you ain’t kill him? (Kill him), makin’ them type of
statements? (Why you do that?)
I’m like damn, you was just on the ‘Gram exaggeration (Uh)
‘Bout squad that and mob this, how you pull up and rob shit
Fact is, you ain’t ready, nigga, you a whole bitch
I survived them streets, I seen some cold shit (I really did)
No longer speak to my partner ’cause he did ho shit (My nigga)
No longer fuck with my bitch, situation petty
I could’ve patched it, xed it up, but I really wasn’t ready
You think you ready for prison?
You think you can stop today, go do a twenty year sentence? Huh?
And keep my name out your mentions
Dome check ’em without inchin’, that 40 come with extensions, I’m ready

You ready?
I’m ready
I’m ready
Born ready

They took L.A. Reid from Sony, to me, that’s like catchin’ Chapo
I’m goin’ independent, to me, that’s like hittin’ the lotto’
Havin’ meetings at Roc Nation, and owning shit is the motto
When Jay your big homie and the streets got you
You drop a hit, you get too big, and they forget about you
They say they bosses, but them niggas can’t do shit without you
Free my nigga Five, I’m out here sick without you
Fuck a label, man, I can do this shit without you
I had them bricks before you
The cake was talkin’ to me, I ignore you
How my baby mama don’t like me when I support you?
Hood turned they back on me, but I still represent it
‘Cause none of you lil’ niggas could take back what I done in it
I’m a don in it, Louis bag, gun in it
High fashion, man purse, the drum in it
If it’s war, it’s murder, you know that comes with it
Bloodline a hustler, that mean my son with it
I’m ready, more ready than ever
Quarter mil’ for the watch with no bezel
Richard Mille, private jet, took a Draco to Cali
We had the keys way before Khaled
If Jay seen a hundred mil’, I can see a hundred mil’
I’ma keep playin’ it still ’til I see that hundred mil’
Pu seen a hundred mil’, I could’ve did a hundred years
I’m seventy percent o from that, I’m still thuggin’ still
Youngsta multi, Bagg multi
Executive Gotti, I need a bowtie
Big facts, no lie
My nigga ain’t got a platinum plaque but got a platinum budget
This shit was built o cocaine and real real live hustle
Come and sign with some niggas that can relate to you
Or tell your story, the corporate, they can’t relate to you
They don’t understand you, homie, they ain’t ready for you
You a gangster with a story, let me tell ’em for you

You ready?
I’m ready
I’m ready
Born ready

You really ready for war?
You really want a plug? You really want them bricks at your door?
You ready?
You really want you some millions?
You think you can do what I done, had them bricks to the ceiling?
You ready?

You ready?
I’m ready
I’m ready
Born ready