Top 20 of the largest US Insurance companies in 2022

Insurance companies are a key part within their role in the American economy, which are responsible for securing risks and absorbing the cost of accidents. In the US and internationally, US insurance companies are involved in health and life insurance as well as insurance for property and casualties commercial and business insurance, as well as Reinsurance.

The leading American insurance companies are crucial sectors of the financial industry and play a crucial contribution to the economy through the management of risk. But, they’re in intense competition with one to gain market share in the US as well as abroad. They also are faced with competition from foreign insurers seeking to increase their reach in the local market. Other financial institutions like banks and financial service firms, are also competing with them in their risk and insurance management tasks in the financial markets.

While they face fierce competition for providing the insurance and risk mitigation services and services to people as well as businesses and institutions The biggest risk to insurers is disruptive changes to their business model by startup companies in the field of insurance tech. These emerging “InsurTech” firms create innovative methods for businesses and individuals to manage, hedge and anticipate risk and expose themselves to various risks that could hinder the traditional insurance firms. Some of them, including the most prestigious US startups, have progressed to becoming “unicorns” companies with an estimated value of one billion dollars.

However, insurance companies remain a major part in the US economy, and will continue to be in that position in the near future. The US is a fantastic market for insurers to grow that they are able to leverage their local presence to expand internationally and gain new markets. If they offer life and health insurance or property and casualty insurances, insurance brokering services or reinsurance, these firms are located in the US to stay and, perhaps, to take on the world.

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A list of 20 top American insurance companies according to market capitalization

For a greater understanding on the players in the American financial sector and the insurance industry, information about the 20 largest insurance firms with headquarters in the US are listed below. Each company has information about its industry operations, its market capitalization, and other information and an direct link to its website logo, stock symbol, and logo. symbol.

The companies that are listed below are ranked according to their market capitalizations of United States Dollars, as of the effective date on Friday the 29th of January, 2021. They are classified according to their affiliation to the fields of insurance for property and casualty as well as health and life insurance, multi-line insurance the insurance broker and insurance reinsurance.

Take note that if seeking information on these companies and want to invest in their stock ensure you are aware of the risks involved as your investment is exposed to risks that are significant with the fluctuations in stock prices. For more information on trading on the market, and to manage your portfolio, visit our blog post about the best online courses for trading and investing in stocks.

Shortcuts for every insurance company

To help you navigate this lengthy checklist, we’ve provided some quick links that will take you directly to the information on any top twenty American insurance firms. Also, make sure to check the top 10 US insurance firms’ overview after you have read the list.

  1. Globe Life

Industry: Life Insurance

Globe Life is a financial services holding company. It provides the services of its subsidiaries wholly owned by it Globe Life offers life insurance as well as annuity and supplementary health insurance. It is primarily active across the three states Texas, New York, and Oklahoma.

Website: – Market Cap. : $9.5 Billion – Stock ticker: GL

  1. CNA Insurance

Industries: Property & Casualty Insurance

CNA Financial Corporation CNA Financial Corporation, also often referred to simply as CNA is a finance company that is mostly focused on insurance. The company’s beginnings date back to 1897, CNA provides property and casualty insurance services and products for professionals and businesses across the US, Canada, and many other countries in Europe in Europe and Asia. CNA is owned through Loews Corporation.

Site: – Market Cap. : $10.4 Billion – Stock ticker: CNA

  1. Fidelity National Financial

Industries: Specialty Insurance

Fidelity National Financial, also called FNF is a business that specializes in mortgage, title insurance and real estate services including real estate technology, annuities, as well as life insurance. The company provides services to commercial and residential homeowners, FNF offers technology as well as transaction services to the mortgage and property sectors. FNF also invests in other businesses by way of FNF Ventures, its FNF Ventures arm.

Web site: – Market Cap. : $10.7 Billion – Stock ticker: FNF

  1. Equitable Holdings

Industry: Diversified Insurance

Equitable Holdings, Inc. is an insurance firm that provides annuities, life insurance, and reinsurance, as well as involved in financial services. Its roots date back to 1859, Equitable Holdings operates in retirement for individuals and groups and life insurance products under the Equitable brand and is also involved in research and management of investments across the globe via the AllianceBernstein subsidiary.

Website: – Market Cap. : $11 Billion – Stock ticker: EQH

  1. Berkley

Industries: Property & Casualty Insurance

  1. R. Berkley Corporation is an insurance company for property and casualty holding and reinsurance business.It is headquartered at Greenwich, Connecticut, and established within Delaware, W. R. Berkley manages commercial insurance operations in several locations and countries across the globe which include those in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, South America, Canada, Mexico, Scandinavia, Asia and Australia.It also has Reinsurance companies across the United States, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region as well as South Africa.

Website: – Market Cap. : $11.1 Billion – Stock ticker WRB

  1. Brown & Brown Insurance

Industry Sector: Insurance Brokers

Brown & Brown, Inc. more commonly referred to in the industry as Brown & Brown Insurance or B&B is an insurance broker firm. It offers risk management insurance, reinsurance, and other products and services for businesses and public agencies, as well as trade and professional organizations as well as families and individuals. It was founded in 1939 and is its headquarters are located in Daytona Beach, Florida, Brown & Brown now provides insurance solutions at more than 300 locations across the US.

Website: – Market Cap. : $12.2 Billion – Stock ticker: BRO

  1. Loews

Industries: Property & Casualty Insurance

Loews Corporation is a conglomerate firm that has majority stakes of CNA Financial Corporation, Diamond Offshore Drilling, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, Loews Hotels, and Consolidated Container Company. The main focus of the company is insurance. CNA Financial Corporation and its affiliates, it offers the insurance of property and casualty for professionals and businesses throughout Europe, the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

Site: – Market Cap. : $12.4 Billion – Stock ticker: L

  1. Erie Insurance

Industry The Insurance Brokerage Industry

Erie Insurance is a diversified insurance firm. Established in 1925, it offers car, property life, and property insurance through an independent network of insurance agents that operate in 12 of the northern US states. It offers the services via a variety of subsidiaries, including Erie Insurance Property & Casualty, Flagship City Insurance, Erie Insurance Company, Erie Insurance Company of New York as well as Erie Family Life Insurance.

Website: – Market Cap. : $12.7 Billion – Stock ticker: ERIE

  1. Markel

Industries: Property & Casualty Insurance

Markel Corporation is a multinational insurance, investment holding, and reinsurance company that was founded in 1930. It is involved in the insurance of property and casualty through its Market Specialty, Markel International as well as State National brands, reinsurance through Markel Global Reinsurance, insurance-linked securities through Nephila and Lodgepine as well as other non-insurance business by way of Markel Ventures.

Site: – Market Cap. : $13.4 Billion – Stock ticker: MKL

  1. Cincinnati Insurance

Industries: Property & Casualty Insurance

Cincinnati Financial Corporation is an insurance company that focuses on insurance for property and casualty. Established in 1950, the Cincinnati Financial Corporation operates through its specialized subsidiaries for insurance indemnity, casualty, life insurance and underwriting. It also participates in investment and financial assistance to other subsidiaries via CFC Investment Company. CFC Investment Company and asset management with its CinFin Capital Management Company.

Web site: – Market Cap. : $13.5 Billion – Stock ticker: CINF

  1. Principal

Industry: Diversified Insurance

Principal Financial Group Principal Financial Group is a financial insurance and investment management firm with its headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. It has four areas of business including retirement and income solutions principal global investors principal international as well as US Insurance solutions.

Web site: – Market Cap. : $13.5 Billion – Stock ticker: PFG

  1. Hartford Insurance

Industry: Diversified Insurance

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. or often referred to simply by the name The Hartford, is an insurance and investment company. It was founded in 1910 and is headquartered at Hartford, Connecticut, the firm manages the operations of property and casualty as well as group benefits and mutual funds. It sells its products and services through brokerages and agents. It also deals with the insurance of homes and vehicles.

Site: – Market Cap. : $17.2 Billion – Stock ticker: HIG

  1. Gallagher

Industry Sector: Insurance Brokers

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. which is often abbreviated AJG is a global insurer and risk-management firm. It was founded in 1927 and is headquartered in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, AJG is now one of the biggest insurance brokers worldwide with operations across the Americas, Europe, Asia as well as Oceania by establishing local brokering affiliates.

Site: – Market Cap. : $22.2 Billion – Stock ticker: AJG

  1. Prudential Financial

Industry: Life Insurance

Prudential Financial, Inc. is involved in providing insurance investment management, as well as other financial services and products for institutional and individual customers through its affiliates. It is a major provider of life insurance annuities mutual funds, pension and retirement-related investments, administration , investment management, as well as securities brokerage services. Prudential is a company that operates across its operations in the United States, Asia, Europe as well as Latin America

Site: – Market Cap. : $31 Billion – Stock ticker: PRU

  1. Aflac

Industry: Life Insurance

Aflac Inc. is an insurance firm, which is particularly involved in additional insurance. It was founded in 1955 and is headquartered at Columbus, Georgia, Aflac offers payroll deduction and insurance protection for injuries or illness. Aflac is a licensed sales associates throughout the United States and sales agencies in Japan.

Website: – Market Cap. : $31.7 Billion – Stock ticker: AFL

  1. Allstate

Industries: Property & Casualty Insurance

It is Allstate Corporation is an insurance firm with its headquarters located in Northfield Township, Illinois. Its origins date back to 1931, Allstate Corporation has grown to become the most prestigious publicly traded property-casualty insurance provider in the US providing individuals with property and auto insurance as well as commercial and business insurance, as well as a variety of related insurance products. Allstate has 19 subsidiaries in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and India.

Web site: – Market Cap. : $32.6 Billion – Stock ticker: ALL

  1. Travelers

Industries: Property & Casualty Insurance

The Travelers Companies, Inc. is also known as Travelers is an insurance firm with its headquarters within New York City, particularly involved in commercial property-casualty insurance. One of the largest insurance companies across the US, Travelers operates in personal insurance, business insurance and bonds. It has also expanded into its operations to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, China, Canada and Brazil.

Website: – Market Cap. : $34.4 Billion – Stock ticker: TRV

  1. MetLife

Industry: Life Insurance

MetLife, Inc. is one of the world’s largest companies that offer insurance, annuities and employee benefit plans via its subsidiary Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Established in 1968, MetLife is a provider of automobile, home life, and home and commercial mortgages, securities that are backed by commercial mortgages and sovereign debt. It has business operations throughout all of the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia Pacific region, Europe, and the Middle East.

Website: – Market Cap. : $43.3 Billion – Stock ticker: MET

  1. Progressive

Industries: Property & Casualty Insurance

The Progressive Corporation or, as it is more commonly called Progressive is an insurance provider that is primarily focused on car insurance in America. It was founded in 1937 and is headquartered at Mayfield Village, Ohio, Progressive provides insurance for motorbikes, boats, RVs and commercial vehicles in addition to home insurance. Progressive has expanded its range of insurance for cars in Australia.

Web site: – Market Cap. : $51 Billion – Stock ticker: PGR

  1. Marsh & McLennan

Industry The Insurance Brokers

Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. is an international professional services company which specializes in the areas of insurance brokerage risk management, reinsurance, services as well as talent management, investment advisory and management consulting. Its origins date back to 1905, and with its headquarters at New York City, Marsh & McLennan is a major player in the insurance industry via its subsidiary companies, Marsh, Guy Carpenter as well as Jardine Lloyd Thompson, and as a consultant to Mercer and the Oliver Wyman Group.