Walk Away Lyrics – Marr Grey | New Song 2020

Walk Away Lyrics – Marr Grey: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Walk Away” sung by Marr Grey. This song is produced by Itsashleetho.

Walk Away Lyrics - Marr Grey
Walk Away Lyrics – Marr Grey

Walk Away Song Details:
Song: Walk Away Lyrics
Singer: Marr Grey
Produced by: Itsashleetho
Written By: Marr Grey

Walk Away Lyrics:

Ashlee on the ride

Walking on a cloud
Holding your hand
You’re walking away from me
You’re blocking your heart, I need to know why
We got a baby now you can’t play this
You ain’t leaving me this ain’t Vegas, no
Hit you one time got lucky just like the lottery
You screaming out “cum inside of me”
And I did it that’s the man in me yeah, yeah
Now a nigga on the other side
It’s getting hard tryna’ raise a child
And she don’t see this going far

Unless I get on one knee
Tryna’ show my heart beats
For the one that holds me, down
Don’t turn and walk away
Listen to what I’m saying to you
My heart can’t beat, my knees gettin’ weak

I’m calling you, right now now now now
Fuck on this bed, we ain’t gotta rush
I’m in your head, I need to know I need to know
I need to know are you in or are you out?
You playing games, I do the same thing
You play the victim try to gossip witcha’ friends
I’m in another class, I’m hot-boxing this Benz
You ain’t ready
Making me emotional again
I can’t fuck nobody else it make me cringe
Your pussy knock me out, it’s a ten