Ways to pay Consolidated Edison bill online


Paying Your Con Edison Energy Bill Online

Consolidated Edison (Con Ed) provides electric, gas, and steam utility services in New York City and surrounding areas. Paying your Con Edison energy bill online is a quick, easy option that saves time and hassle. This article outlines the benefits of paying online, how to enroll, making one-time payments or setting up recurring automated payments, using the mobile app, and getting help.

Reasons to Pay Your Con Ed Bill Online

Paying bills electronically has many advantages compared to mailing in checks:

– It’s extremely quick – make payments in just minutes anytime
– Available 24/7 based on your schedule
– Avoid late fees by setting up autopay
– Store payment information for simplified payments
– Earn rewards if paying by credit card
– Access billing history and statements digitally
– No paper checks or stamps required

With all these perks, online bill pay is clearly the best way to pay your Con Ed utility bill.

How to Sign Up for Online Bill Pay

New Con Ed users can enroll in digital billing and payments when opening an account. Existing customers can easily add online capabilities by:

– Going to ConEd.com and clicking “Register” to create an online account
– Providing identifying information like your account number, name, and contact details
– Creating secure login credentials
– Accepting the website terms of use
– Adding a payment method like bank account or credit/debit card

Once signed up, you can immediately start managing Con Ed bills digitally.

Paying One-Time Bills Through the Website

When logged into your Con Ed account, paying your energy bill takes just minutes:

1. Under “My Account”, click “Pay Bill”
2. Enter the total amount due as shown on your statement
3. Select a payment method like credit card or bank account
4. Enter necessary account information and click “Continue”
5. Review details and click “Submit Payment”

You will receive instant confirmation that your payment went through successfully. The funds will rapidly withdraw from the selected account.

Setting Up Convenient Autopay

For maximum convenience, enroll in autopay through your Con Ed online account. This automatically pays your monthly energy bill on a recurring basis.

Under “My Account,” click on “AutoPay.” Choose the account, payment method, and date you want bills paid each month.

Autopay ensures your Con Ed bill gets paid on time, avoiding late fees and service disruptions. You can edit or cancel autopay anytime.

Using the Con Ed Mobile App

In addition to the website, Con Ed offers a mobile app for easy account access on your devices. Download the Con Ed Mobile app on your Apple or Android phone or tablet.

The app allows you to:

– Pay bills immediately with a few taps
– Setup and manage autopay
– View usage trends and billing history
– Update account information
– Report outages or issues
– Access energy saving tips
– Receive notifications

The mobile app enables quick bill payment no matter where you are.

Getting Help with Online Bill Pay

If any questions come up around paying your Con Ed bill online, responsive customer support is available:

– Detailed help articles and FAQs on the website
– Chat with an agent online
– Call 1-800-752-6633

Don’t hesitate to reach out to get assistance with any part of digital bill management. Paying Con Ed bills online is fast, simple, and the most convenient way to go. Enroll to start enjoying the many benefits today.